About Us

EnSync Energy Systems is enabling the future of electricity with advanced energy management systems critical to a global economy becoming increasingly reliant upon the expansion of distributed energy resources (DER).

EnSync Energy technologies provide the ability to source the most cost-effective and reliable electricity from all available sources, prioritizing in real time electricity from the grid, from distributed generation and from energy storage. 

Whether part of the grid power transmission and distribution network, or behind the meter in commercial, industrial and multi-tenant buildings, EnSync Energy technology brings differentiated power control and energy storage solutions to deliver optimally sourced electricity. EnSync Energy technologies also serve as the system level intelligence in microgrid applications, by seamlessly integrating multiple generation and storage assets to deliver power in remote and community level environments not served by the grid, or areas electing to use the grid secondary to microgrid assets.

At a macro level, the least expensive and most reliable electricity is best accomplished with the ability to prioritize electricity from the grid, renewables and storage, by synchronizing each of these assets in real time and leveraging their respective value. At the micro level, the ability to monetize numerous applications on the customer side of the meter provides the ability to utilize almost any combination of applications possible, including supply response, time-of-use, frequency regulation, back-up power, demand charge clipping and numerous others, all to ensure the lowest cost electricity available at any given moment. We optimize all macro and customer side of the meter resources to ensure delivery of the highest customer value electricity.

As DER continue to become more prominent in utility grid infrastructure, grid providers and owners of distributed energy assets can mutually benefit in that grid providers can have a certain level of control of distributed energy assets, and owners of distributed energy resources can be paid for electricity delivered from their assets.  

EnSync Energy has developed a breakthrough Internet of Energy (IOE) control platform that unlocks the full potential of DER by enabling their seamless integration to the electricity grid.  This vital control and exchange platform meets the emerging market need for real-time, bi-directional energy transaction systems that provide energy consumers a platform to generate cash from their private energy assets, and allows grid operators to integrate and control distributed energy assets.

In 2015, EnSync Energy began including power purchase agreements (PPA’s) into its portfolio of offerings, and in 2016 sold the initial portfolio of PPA’s to an investor owned utility, validating the ability to deliver electricity savings for customers and provide a stable financial yield for investors. A global corporation, EnSync Energy has a joint venture in China, Meineng Energy, and a majority owned subsidiary dedicated to energy project development in Hawaii, Holu Energy, headquartered in Honolulu, HI.